Regional Gift Baskets is a young startup dedicated to shining the light on artisan food and gift products and to enchanting your loved ones and colleagues.  We delight in innovation.  Because we're located in San Francisco, we have access to the coolest, most delicious mix of treats in the universe.

Noe Valley Apiaries is one example.  Based in a micro-village neighborhood on the south side of San Francisco, these urban beekeepers produce wonderful backyard honey.  Amazing, huh?  Or across town, the Dog Patch area's commercial kitchens house a whole host of artisan food magicians, including surfer-Michelle's organic granola and trail mix, Coco's French-inspired jams and jellies, and award-winning cookies from Kika, a graduate of La Cocina (the incubator for food entrepreneurs).   

Last June, I wanted to send a special birthday gift to my stepmom in Pennsylvania, but didn't want to it to be a basket of four perfect pears (her local market has plenty of lovely summer pears) or an over-priced bouquet of who-knows-what-kind of flowers that would likely last just a week.  What I really wanted was to get on a redeye heading east to share breakfast with her.  Since that was impossible, I sent the "Good Morning, San Francisco" breakfast basket instead, with a savory bunch of breakfast treats made only here.  She loved it and we had her birthday breakfast by phone.  How's that for a special treat with a personal touch?

At Regional Gift Baskets, we’re focused on themed, eco-friendly baskets and customized gifts filled with locally sourced confections and goods produced by small artisans, bakers, and craftspeople.  We’re constantly developing new products and are always on the lookout for what’s new and fabulous and locally made. 
When you give a regional gift, you can feel especially good knowing that your basket gives over and over:   It’s a beautiful, heart-felt present, filled with treats that support small responsible businesses and local economies, and a portion of the proceeds are donated locally to two deserving organizations.  Regional Gift Baskets is proud to support La Cocina, San Francisco's incubator kitchen that provides commercial space to low-income food entrepreneurs, and On Lok’s 30th Street Senior Center, an organization that serves hot nutritious lunches to over 700 seniors, six days a week.

Thanks for visiting with us.  We look forward to delighting you and yours soon-

Marianne Hampton and the Gang at Regional Gift Baskets 
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